In 2018, the Earthsong pricing schedule offers a set amount of discounted prices for people who book and pay for their ticket as early as possible.

The actual cost of each camper is $710. The following pricing structure has been adopted to offer as many people as possible an opportunity to secure their place at WitchCamp at a more affordable rate.  


Concessions & Scholarships

Our Land is a big wide Land, and our Community is spread wide. In recognition of this, EarthSong offers some "scholarships", cheaper places for those who have long distances to travel.  EarthSong is also open to requests for scholarships for people who otherwise couldn't afford to come. 

If you require a concession or are applying for a $200 scholarship, please select the relevant options in the registration form and provide details.


Pricing for Earthsong Witchcamp 2018

So... the three categories of pricing are Crew (10), Early Bird and Regular. The first two categories require a coupon code as outlined below. Please read the instructions and make sure you enter the correct coupon code when you register. 


 Crew tickets are available for campers who are willing to undertake specific tasks for up to 30 minutes each day of camp. These tasks include fire tending, water bearing (filling up the urn and turning on the hot water for bathing), changing candles on the altars, looking after the fancy dress (funk trunk) clothing, entertaining and bringing beauty to us with your music or artistic creativity. 

If you are keen to help out, enter "CREW" as the coupon code. (limit of 10)

Pay half before 1st May with balance paid by 1st July
Price: $640 (Half is $320)
Conc: $590 (Half is $295)

Early Witch

 If you are quick, then you may come to Earthsong for this price...

Enter "EARLY" as the coupon code.

Pay half before 1st May with balance paid by 1st July

Price: $720 (Half is $360)
Conc: $640 (Half is $320)

Regular Witch

It is possible to register as regular camper at any time.  And if you have ample means, paying the Regular rate helps to provide for others who do not.  

Regular doesn't need a coupon.

Pay half to secure a place with balance paid by 1st September
Price: $790 (Half is $395.00)
Conc: $690 (Half is $345.00)


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