“We enter the Eye of the Mystery.
Seeing our full selves, we meet naked-hearted and cultivate the power of the community.”


Horus: the Twice-Born

Auset, nehas em her ab un. A-un akh-akh ar-et pafi emtun ami ari Kheperu ar Hru. 
Isis awaken within our hearts. 
Open the star chamber that we may guide our transformation into Horus.
(Prayer from The Papyrus of Ani ~1250 BCE)


Horus, Hru, Great Falcon, Welcome! The Distant One who clings to the sky,  share with us your gifts of Perspective, Wisdom, Liberty, Justice, and Unity. You who’s right eye is the Sun and your left eye the Moon - what is known by light of day, what is known by moonlit night - these have been your realms and Mysteries for over 6000 years. Hru, grant us protection and restoration through your Great Eye - may we enter the Eye of Mystery through your Falcon-gaze to transform and fully know ourselves. May we be protectors of justice just as we ourselves, are protected! Hail and Welcome!

Horus the Elder is amongst the oldest and arguably most influential of Egyptian deities.  Born of Nuit - whose body is the starry Heavens themselves, and Geb - whose body is that of this very Earth, Horus was the last born of the five siblings after Osiris, Set, Isis and Nepthys.  Even as the other four took up their rule upon the Earth: Osiris of the green Delta lands, Set of the red Desert, Isis of magic and the arts, Nepthys of dreamtime and the shadows - Horus chose to cling to the sky, ever midway between his beloved heavenly mother and earthy father.  He is as he has been from the beginning; Horus of the keen clear sight, longview and perspective.  Horus of Wisdom.
The Falcon-headed Horus the Younger was born into conflict. The desert god Set was jealous of his brother Osiris and killed him, so that he himself might rule the rich Egyptian delta lands. The Great Winged Isis, Queen of Magic, was able to bring back to life Her beloved husband/brother, Osiris, long enough to conceive their son Horus before Osiris departed to take up His reign of the Underworld.  Set was not a good ruler of the delta lands, knowing nothing of the balance of rhythms and seasons needed for the land to be rich and fertile. The crops withered, famine fell upon the land, and the people and creatures called out for help.  A nine-God tribunal was formed to decide who would rule the land.  Set and Horus both stated their cases.  There were contests and struggles.  But after eighty years, still no conclusion was made.  Finally, the tribunal sent word to Osiris in the Underworld, to ask who shall rule in His place.  Word came back that Horus was the rightful heir, as no one should gain power through trickery and violence.
Some say Horus was born to avenge His father, but this is not our truth. We know that Horus was born to bring peace to His land. Indeed, He united Lower and Upper Egypt, a revolutionary feat in that time.  Thereafter, the Pharaohs took His name to embody this God of Life, this God of good leadership. Horus was born to see justice done. Horus was born to unite the disparate. Our Falcon-headed God embodies the value of the long view.
With this bird’s eye view, Horus can hold the paradoxes of many Truths. For He is Horus the Younger, born of Isis and Osiris. And He is also Horus the Elder, son of the Goddess of the Heavens Nuit and the Earth God Geb, brother of winged Isis. Horus is twice-born, brother and son to Isis both. He is both Falcon-headed man and Great Falcon who soars the skies. The great Eye of Horus, protection amulet for both Gods and mortals, is both his moon-eye and the sun goddess Wadjet. All stories are equally true; as witches, we embrace this paradox.
Isis guide us through the Eye of Mystery to awaken our Horus-Self.  Open our naked hearts; teach us to hold with compassion the paradoxical stories of our own lives and communities.


Isis awaken within our hearts. 

 Open the star chamber that we may guide our transformation into Horus.

 Auset, nehas em her ab un. A-un akh-akh ar-et pafi emtun ami ari Kheperu ar Hru.




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